Nuada Balor

Dark shrouded swordsman and tracker from the Karrnathi northlands.


Tall muscular looking golden skinned Eladrin. He’s normally cloaked to hide his odd skin tone. Looks young for his race. Could pass for a human teenager. Distrustful nature and world-weary voice make others uneasy around him. The obvious bad attitude doesn’t help much either. Stats: 17 Str, 13 Con, 20 Dex, 13 Int, 15 Wis, 6 Cha. AC 20 (Sylvan Leather), 50 HP. Weapons: Twin longswords.


After serving Karrnath in the Last War Nuada left the spire for the southern lands out of disgust for his countrymen’s use of the undead. As an Underdark scout and tracker Nuada would frequently be required to work with Karrnathi skeletons and ghouls to fill out squad ranks due to their inherent night vision. The Eladrin loathing of the living dead was too much for him to overcome and when the war ended Nuada went in search of gainful employment elsewhere. Shortly after arriving in Breland his skills came to the attention of Lord Henrik who hired Nuada as a warden. His knowledge of the arcane and skill at tracking and destroying the undead along with his military training have been an asset ever since leaving the north. Like many Karrnathi veterans Nuada has a strong distrust of the Emerald Claw and the Drow of the Underdark both of whom are outlaws in his native land and have been adversaries in the past.

Nuada Balor

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